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A Ludography is similar to a bibliography, but for games. Deriving from the Latin for games, ("Ludo") you'll find here a list of games curated by Dr. Chloe Milligan featuring games that challenge and develop ethical and moral sensibilities for younger players. Listen to the Staying at the Table Podcast Episode 33 for more fascinating perspectives on video games and their effects on our culture.

Braid (2008), Number None, Inc.

Limbo (2010), Playdead

To the Moon (2011), Freebird Games

The Stanley Parable (2013), Galactic Cafe

Gone Home (2013), Fulbright

Papers, Please (2013), Lucas Pope

This War of Mine (2014), 11 Bit Studios

Undertale (2015), Toby Fox

Life is Strange (2015), Dontnod

That Dragon, Cancer (2016), Numinous Games

Firewatch (2016), Campo Santo

Oxenfree (2016), Night School Studio

OneShot (2016), Future Cat

Stardew Valley (2016), ConcernedApe

What Remains of Edith Finch (2017), Giant Sparrow

Night in the Woods (2017), Infinite Fall

Rakuen (2017), Laura Shigihara

Gris (2018), Nomada Studio

Celeste (2018), Maddy Makes Games

Florence (2018), Mountains

A Short Hike (2019), Adam Robinson-Yu

Kentucky Route Zero (2020), Cardboard Computer

Omori (2020), Omocat

Umurangi Generation (2020), Origami Digital

If Found… (2020), Dreamfeel

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