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  • Matt Kistler

Three Days

Don't read this spoken word piece by Matt Kistler unless you want inspiration for your journey through this season of change at CCF. What can happen in three days? More than you think, especially if you're standing in a graveyard on a Sunday morning.

I see you feeling

alone and betrayed.

Unsure of who God is

the pillars of faith have swayed.

All what you knew

to be me now displayed

Like the old naked emperor

who by tailors got played.

The way you were told,

the paths that you tread.

Now seem petty and fraudulent,

abusive and dead.

Whitewashed graves, I said.

Do you think you’re the first

to want to tear it all down ?

That you’re alone when you hold religion

pinned to the ground?

That the frustrations and hurts

that they call the way

drive you from me,

make you prodigal or stray?

I told them I would tear it all down

Stone by stone,

laid with such care

I’d bring it down like a hammer

every tile, every prayer.

No you’re not against me

as you bust down the hedge.

Heck I’m standing there with you,

I’ll hand you the sledge.

But remember, after the demo

there was more to say.

Don’t slink away

into despair and dismay

I’ll use each of you as mortar and clay

To build a living church

that won’t totter or sway.

Three days is all I need

to bring dead things to life

Three days what it take

to bring joy from the strife

Three days after crying out

under the knife

Three days I’ll rebuild it all

and I’ll do it right.

Come back my love

don’t run to the sea

The war you are fighting

it’s not against me.

The lies you can’t take

didn’t come of my tongue

The way that things are

wasn’t the way they begun.

If you’re wondering what’s left

after you’ve torn it all down.

I’m there holding on

so your faith will not drown.

On the first day be still

and know that I’m God

The next release cynicism,

and every jaded thought,

In three days come back

and we can start to renew.

The faith, love and hope

springing up within you.

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