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Psalms 3 and 4

Psalm 3 

My God, You are God over all 

You are God of the near and the far 

You are God of the urban and urbane 

You are God of the undeveloped and illiterate 

You are God of the rich and famous 

You are God of the desperate and needy 

You are God of the mountain people, sea people, jungle people and country people 

You are God of the Methodist Catholic and Pentecostal 

You are God of the uncertain, atheist, Muslim and Hindu 

You are God of the hymn singers and head coverers 

You are God of the spirit slain and tongue speaker 

You are God of the gun-toter and the throat singer 

My God, you are God over all 



Psalm 4 

Lord you are our safety 

Sometimes it’s easy to forget it 

Our lives are comfortable 

Insulated by our wealth and technology 

But then it’s all shattered 

Violence O God- violence all around 

Our enemies, our friends, 

All around us is violence 

Our savior technology fuels it 

It opens our eyes to see darkness 

It pours fuel on anger and smothers hope 

Violence O God- violence all around 

Rich and poor clamor for more 

Our limitless wealth seduces us with promises of solutions 

We buy our hope, and the price keeps rising 

But you God scoff at our gods 

You crush guns with your fist 

You laugh as our phones disintegrate in our hands 

You watch as our wealth melts like sand 

You say 

Return, return my bride 

I am your safe place 

I am the well of life that will always refresh 

Come and hide in me, 

my pierced hands turn aside every bullet 

Set down your tech 

Release your wealth 

Lay your weapons at the door 

I am the only God 

All others will fail you. 

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Gretchen Cole
Gretchen Cole
Jan 17

Beautiful, Matt! Thank you so much for sharing this gift!

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