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  • Matt Kistler

Psalm 1

God, you are bigger than my problems.

You care that I grieve but

God, my challenges are small when

I lift my eyes away from my mirrors

God, let me consider your power.

By your voice billions of galaxies sprang to life.

The power of earth, its wind and earthquakes

Fire and mighty oceans

Are as nothing to you, less than a sigh.

God let me consider my comfort.

You've provided abundance greater than kings

Movement freely across the earth

Soft places to rest my head

Warmth in winter, cool breeze in summer

Food, rich and sweet

Abundance available every moment

Technology and entertainment

Treatment for every ailment

Knowledge of a million libraries at my fingers.

Lord, let me consider my privilege.

Born in a land at peace

Born to a family of blessing

Born with gifts and power and wealth

Like a prince I've lived my days

As a favored one, I've spent my nights.

God, let me consider your love.

All my days you have died for me

Again and again you've walked me out of the grave

You see me in my fullness

And speak words of blessing like pure water over my head

God, you are bigger than my problems.

Who you are is bigger still.

Lift my weary spirit and let me embrace your majesty

apart from me.

---Matthew Kistler

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